Saturday, July 26, 2008

FAB Wacky Challenge Revealed

After all the FAB Wacky Challenge packages arrived at their destinations (my package arrived at LindaJ's on Thursday!), the FAB's meet online last night for the official reveal :) It was a fun time, waiting for the opening, reading what was received and then e-mailing quick pictures to everyone to 'see' the Challenge pieces. It is really amazing to 'see' all the different ways each FAB had used the Challenge piece of fabric. (We each received a 1/2 yard of purple fabric that had eight different shades of purple. We were to make something that was not a quilt and use a piece of each of the different shade of purple. We could also add up to two of our own fabrics to complete the project.)
I made LindaJ a wonder wallet to start, a zippered coin purse, a tissue caddy and a place mat purse to corral all her things. The zippered coin purse turned out a little big so she probably could put things like keys and chapstick in there too. :)

I received this beautiful wall hanging from Cher! THANK YOU Cher! Cher cut apart each shade of purple and sewed them back together into rail fence blocks...oh so tiny! She added this wonderful green and pale yellow/purple fabric to compliment the challenge fabric. She was inspired by Billie Lauder's Beyond the Rail Fence when creating my heart wall hanging and see how good it looks in my breakfast nook! Notice how perfectly it fits in the holders! How did Cher know?!

Be sure to hop on over the the other FAB blogs and see the other great Wacky Challenge Gift Pieces! Cher, Norma, Pam and LindaJ (well...Linda's is in this post :) )

We all had so much fun with this exchange! that...two different FAB's are planning (or shall we say, 'scheming'?) for a 'Summer in Winter' exchange. Should be interesting to see what rules and fabrics the gals come up with... :)
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cher said... should be very interesting to see what those gals come up with LOL...! I can see what you mean now!
lucky it was just the right size. and I like how you linked to all of us-I was too lazy! very well done Pat-your items for Linda were so fun.

Silverthimble said...

I love Linda's purse and accessories, Pat! You did such a wonderful job! The wall hanging from Cher is so sweet! I can hardly wait to see what you and Cher come up with for us in the winter!

Sweet P said...

Gorgeous gifts all around! You ladies did a wonderful job on your projects.

Linda_J said...

I am so blessed, Pat, with the package you sent. Thank you so very much for the time and effort you put into making just right. The tags did make me think of Little Red Riding Hood though, LOL, picking out the bed to sleep in. So colorful and fun! As nuts as Pam and Norma are about purses and such, isn't it something that they didn't make or receive purses too?

But we all made something unique and so different from the others.

Can't wait to see what you two come up for Summer in Winter!