Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you suppose DD will fondly remember that I always let her make forts with the quilts I made to snuggle with around the house when she is an old lady, like me?!

I was able to get into the sewing room and piece the inner blue border and pink scrappy border onto Pink and Blue Boo today. While I was there, I also made the binding and the backing. Now to load and quilt. Looks like it will be finished well ahead of the August 23rd deadline!
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Judy S. said...

I bet she will remember! Our kids constantly amaze me with the things our kids bring up from the past.....some are quite a different version from my memory though! ;>)

cher said...

I am quite sure she will, I sure remember building forts at my grandma's house!

Linda_J said...

yep, she will. I remember helping mine to tie some on frames borrowed from my grandmother. Of course we did forts with them too.

I bet you are busy quilting today then. Hooray for a finished top and way ahead of the curve too!

Sweet P said...

I remember making forts out of quilts and blankets when I was a child! She will remember!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Some people are shocked when they come over and see my sons quilt forts! But why not - I make them to be used and loved. When I was little us kids used to make many forts - but got in a bit of trouble once when we decided to NAIL the blankets to the dining room table, LOL!

ReenCiemian said...

First, of course your daughter will remember making cool forts out of your quilts!
But second, you are NOT OLD! Because if you were old that would mean I'm old! Besides that, you don't even act old!

I totally enjoy it every time I visit your site! Keep up the great work. See you soon! Maureen