Monday, July 28, 2008

A Good Start to the Sewing Week

I was able to go into the sewing room and start piecing the border for the Pink and Blue Boo quilt. Most fellow bloggers felt the quilt would look better with a scrappy pink border.
I pieced it the old fashion way by cutting the units 2.5" x 5.0" then trimming to 4.5". As I ran out of one pink, I substituted another pink from the closet. The more...the merrier...right? for a scrappy look?! The result will be a few random pinks in the border that are not in the center of the quilt.

I also made a batch of Grandma's Mystery Muffins. I wanted to try a variation, so I used Spice cake mix instead of Devil's Food cake mix and Cinnamon Chips instead of Chocolate Chips. As usual, I skipped adding the pecans altogether. These are YUMMY! The pumpkin flavor comes through more than with the Chocolate/Chocolate Chip muffin but isn't overpowering! DD and I each ate two when they were warm from the oven :)


Linda_J said...

Stop!! You are making me hungry and it is mid afternon. best time to eat homemade muffins is when they are fresh bakes.

They look delish and I am going to have to find me some cinnamon chips. I have all the ingredients to make the chocolate version but DJ may spot them and be disappointed that I didn't make those chocolate cupcakes I promised him from that yummy Magnolia Bakery recipe.

FabricMom said...

Wow this sounds fabulous. I am going to make these. Thanks for sharing.