Monday, July 21, 2008

It's official...I'm the weakest link!

My Wacky FAB Challenge from Cher arrived on Friday afternoon :)

Thanks Cher!

Linda mailed to Pam, Pam mailed to Norma, Norma mailed to Cher, Cher mailed to me and I am suppose to mail to Linda to complete the circle. Linda mailed hers out like three weeks ago, Pam mailed hers out awhile back too, Norma early last week and Cher early last week, too.

FINALLY (yea!) mine went out today :) As soon as Cher's and Linda's arrive at their houses, the FAB's will meet online and open the Wacky Challenges at the same time :)

Lastly, here are the little snippets of the Challenge fabric I have left. I almost ran out of two shades of the purple!

Whew! That was a close call :)


Pam said...

Sorry, there are NO weakest links in the FABs...

Hey....your purse fab (daisies and poppies) is like a piece of yardage Norma FORCED me to purchase when she and I met up in Roseburg!!! fun!


Linda_J said...

What she said.........what a nice big box to drive me nuts when it gets here! Just like kids at Christmas, right?

Cool purse, Pat!