Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Okay...I concede! I am not the weakest link in the FAB's! But I was the last one to finish then mail the completed challenge piece to my partner.
I should be used to being in last place as I am the youngest of six children and it is my 'normal' spot amongst my siblings :) ......sorry for the wonky picture but it is the only one I have of 'us' as kids and it is in a picture frame and when I had reprints made so long ago, Brother #4 got cut off a smidge...and yes...I am the leaner...looking like I'm trying to push Brother #3 and #4 off the bench...the shadows are in the original picture which was taken in 1962 or 1963.

I was able to clean off the cutting table today and starting pulling fabrics for the next Birthday Quilt. I'm using the Halloween Boo pattern that LindaJ figured out in EQ6 based on the photo here (there is no contact information given to ask about a pattern source...if you know who's pattern this is...please let me know!) but with shades of pink and a pale blue contrast. I want to make this quilt completely from the stash...let's see how I do. Gee, these colors are really not true but you get the idea...maybe I need to sign up for a digital photography class, eh? The August Birthday Girl told Auntie Patti that she likes pink, pink, pink and pink and light blue. She also likes wolves, penguins and kangaroos.

I counted today and I have 16 assorted nieces and nephews between DH's and my family so if it seems like I make a lot of Birthday Quilts...I do! I think March and November are the only months that don't have a birthday celebrated somewhere in my family :)

Happy Birthday to my DH! We are now the same age! until my birthday in October :)


Linda_J said...

This is going to be a cool quilt, Pat. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Mom said she has hers cut out--one of 21 tops she has kitted up (the number increased since the last time she told me about it) but she is busy quilting and trying to behave herself. No piecing till the quilting is done, she reported.

Cheryl said...

Check out my website Pat. There is something there for you.