Monday, September 15, 2008

Finished Quilted Totes

Just finished the quilted totes...barely in time. I had ordered the fabric Jim Shore Noah's Ark from the Desperate Quilters in two different colorways, a darker blue and turquoise. I love that the arks have quilt blocks on them and the animals have quilts keeping them warm! Did you notice the whales are also a quilt pattern? Perfect for quilters :)
The light never did get better as today is a cloudy day but no rain for us.


Sue R said...

I like your tote alot, Pat. Is there any kind of stiffener in the bottom? I asked my husband about using 1/8-inch plexiglas or masonite or something like that to add some shape and sturdiness to the bottom of the back, and he said he thought it would work.

Linda said...

The fabric is just adorable!
The totes look great! I could surely use one of those! Yours looks much sturdier than mine! LOL Oooo... just saw Sue's comment... hmmmm...I was thinking the crafting stuff people use for needlepoint... I know - I do not know my sewing/quilting termenology(can't spell it either! LOL)
Anyways.... They are great!

Linda said...

Not needle point.... ugh! Can't think of what people use it for, but it is hard plastic stuff with holes in it :D OKay... I am done trying to figure out what is in my head! LOL
Happy Sewing! :)

Pat said...

My first tote (red hat), I used plastic canvas.

For the Noah's Ark totes, I used an acrylic I found at a home improvement store.

The acrylic bottom seems studier. I made a sleeve for each 'bottom shaper' to fit into, also.

Cher said...

yes, these turned out terrific! very cute fabric too- bound to be a big hit Pat! great job. I think you could do 5 do not plan to sleep right????