Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

DS is a senior this year and there he goes!

DD is in 4th grade this year and there she goes!
Here is DS's room, all painted. They must have used low odor paint as there were hardly any noxious fumes. DS was able to sleep in his room last night and was fine this morning. Notice he has his baby blanket on his bed, I actually found his room like this when I opened the door to snap a picture. He also has an order in for a full size black and white quilt for his new bed!
After my morning nap, I went down to the sewing room and finished the borders on JudyL's Wonky Labor Day Challenge. Thanks JudyL for hosting this challenge and sharing your pattern! As SueR says, "This technique is another one for my sewing toolbox!" The next decision will be what panto to quilt and thread color. I'm thinking Popcorn or Happy Times but it just might be Ebb and Flow since that is on the table.
After lunch, I started quilting my Lake County Mystery Quilt. I had wanted to quilt it over the weekend but with DS's stuff blocking Valerie, I waited until today to start. I'm using red Permacore thread, red is a first for me and the Ebb and Flow panto. The red blends really well into the blue/red fabric but you can see it in the little bits of star fabric that is in the blocks.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

You've had another productive day. Good for you! I like how the wonky quilt turned out. Please check my blog, you've been tagged! QGB

Judy S. said...

Hi Pat,

I love the way your wonky quilt turned out; you've been at it too long....the border is great! What are you putting on the back? I also really like the Lake County one....nice colors on that, too!

SueR said...

I'll bet your son loves his new room--what a difference!That's a really pretty dresser and nightstand too, kind of reminds me of the Craftsman style. Your two quilts turned out so nicely, and your quilting looks really good!

Linda C said...

Woohoo on those quilts, Pat!

Seeing the school bus and car leaving reminds a bit of something one of the Belles said in talking about a recent visit from rowdy grandchildren "Aren't they cute when they wave goodbye?" LOL cracked ME up anyway.

You have class soon yourself, don't you?? The machine quilting on that you had to reschedule?

Fabricmom said...

The wonky quilt looks great.
Happy first day of school.

Cher said...

oh a nap! sounds like a great day-great quilts Pat