Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Check In

After cleaning DS's bathroom, I was able to sew a few more 4 patches for my next donation quilt. Unfortunately, I used all of yellow #1 and substituted yellow #2. I think I will go back and re-arrange the 4 patches to get a better distribution of the two yellow-green combinations...more of a scrappy look rather than planned :)
I also had about an hour before the kids arrived home from school and decided to start the quilting on JudyL's Wonky Labor Day Challenge quilt. I choose to practice the Popcorn pantograph again. :)
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Judy S. said...

Hi Pat, My, you are one productive person! I had to double click on your quilt to see what you were talking about... It's a cute quilt, and I'm sure will warm someone's heart!

What kind of longarm do you have?

Lori in South Dakota said...

Pat, you are so busy, are you getting that nap in??

Cher said...

cute quilt-the popcorn pattern looks good!

Sue R said...

Your kids quilt is very cute, will make a nice backdrop for some quilting. Love the popcorn pattern, and everytime you do it, it looks better and better!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You are busy! I like the popcorn panto very much. What colour thread are you using? Keep up the good work!

Linda_J said...

What's not to like about popcorn? The quilting kind AND the kind you eat, LOL.

You are moving right along with these quilts!