Saturday, September 13, 2008


DH and DD went to the pet store this morning. Please meet the newest member of our family, Oreo. DD had a hamster awhile back (pre-blog) that died and since her 4th grade classroom has a hamster...she's been wanting one again. So far, he seems to like running in his wheel and not eating the wheel like Cinnamon (her old hamster)!
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Linda_J said...

Oh looks like Michelle got her wish then. Daddy caved in, LOL.

Stephanie D. said...

Here's hoping this one has a long, happy, healthy life. Cute name, too!

I never had a hamster myself, just the requisite dogs, cats and birds.

Linda said...

Welcome to blogworld Oreo!
My children have had hamsters, guinea pigs, dwarf gerbils, fancy rats, and other rodents over the years - They are a wonderful furkids!
DD - I wish you many happy times with Oreo!

Cher said...

ah, love this photo...