Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Winter's *To Do* List

Already two weeks into the New Year and me without a list!

Here is what is on my *To Do* no particular order...
  • blue/grey quilt
  • FAB Challenge *Baby It's Cold Outside*
  • blue/white quilt
  • messenger bag
  • MSU t*shirt (roll over project)
  • rainy day wall hanging
  • 4 corners apron for me
  • graduation quilt
  • quilt any QOV's from Oconomowoc Quilt Guild
  • QOV's and pillowcases

That should keep me busy for a few months. right?! :)


Cher said...

yes, you certainly should be more than busy enough for a few months! wow..I recognize the quilt in thyme!
once I get the string quilt quilted/bound, fab challenge is up next. At least now I remember what I wanted to make :-)

Stephanie D. said...

Knowing you, it'll only be a couple of months' worth at best!