Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Pillowcase~palooza~Day

Today I made 7 more pillowcases for a total of 10 this week!

The eight on the left are for the All People Quilt 1 Million Pillowcase Drive thru Ben Franklin. The Club's goal is 2010 pillowcases which is approximately 20 pillowcases per member. I jokingly remarked that I planned on making all 20 of my pillowcases to donate at one time and just be done! Looks like I am on my way! :) One thing I discovered is that most of my florals are about 12 inches or less~enough for the cuff.

The question is: should I buy the balance 26.5 inches per pillowcase I need to finish the project? Not sure what I plan to do...

The two on the right are for in the family room. We like to have a regular pillow on the couch so the cases add just a little color. The pink matches my Sweet Treats quilt and the other~St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Pillowcase~palooza~ Day!
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Anonymous said...

right back at ya! I LOVE St. Pat's Day, too! apat2