Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The answer is... LindaJ was wondering what color I was going to use for sashing/borders.

Looking at it looks long and skinny. 52 x 76 it measured. Guess I should have made one more row of coins or rows not as long or maybe wider sashing between the rows or cut the outer borders smaller.

Live and learn. I wasn't following a pattern...just *willy nilly* sewing.
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Linda_J said...

LOL, blue is good!

You never know but that quilt might be perfect for a long and skinny person. I know the WTIL founder is quoted as saying "kids come in all sizes"

Nothing wrong with willy nilly sewing either it being a great way to use your scrap pieces.

Lori said...

some of the best quilts are "learn as you go"!