Thursday, May 27, 2010

*Beans in a Jar*

Why do I have jars of dried beans by Valerie's table?

To keep the MSU T*shirt quilt from falling off the table, of course!

This quilt has outgrown all my available space in the sewing room and surrounding rooms. I tried to lay a portion of it on the longarm table to pin the borders on and hence the *beans in a jar* quilt weight (as opposed to paperweight :))

Here is the MSU T*shirt quilt.

87 x 108.

Not sure when I will quilt it as now I need more backing to *go with* what I currently have. Guess that means a trip to the Quilt Store...drat...I've been trying to stay away this year because the temptation is always so great in there! :)

pattern source: LindaJ's *Sorta T*Shirt Tutorial*
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Jeanne said...

I really like the shadows from each square. Nice work. Have a great week-end!

Mama Spark said...

I LOVE how the blocks look like they are floating!! Cool technique! My quilt is coming along nicely, LOL! Have a great holiday weekend, Pat.

Charlene S said...

What a neat way to set off the blocks! Where were you when I started my t-shirt quilt? This is exactly what I needed. Love it!!!