Thursday, May 13, 2010

BQ2 Start

Thursday already?!

My week has flown by with various meetings, a choir concert, piano lessons and a band concert! All of which has left little time to spend in the sewing room this week.

I did sew a little yesterday and this morning~before another meeting. I assembled the parts for a BQ2 from Maple Island Quilts. I wanted a quilt to practice my new panto Mozart from Willow Leaf Studio before I made the quilt for the piano teacher. This *dinosaur* Elvis fabric I thought would work and I have a cousin who is a BIG Elvis fan so it already has a home to go to when finished!

Gotta run~I'm late! again!
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Linda_J said...

Pat, I have one of these cut out to sew! I should have joined you. You got a lot done in spite of the busy schedule.

That may be a dinosaur fabric but your cousin is going to love it being an Elvis fan!

Stuff around the house has kept me busy to this point so I am just now setting up to quilt and it is almost 2 p.m.

joven said...

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Lori said...

BQ2 is a fun pattern. But you have to remember which way is up--LOL--so your big blocks all face the same way!