Friday, May 21, 2010

DD's Poodle Quilt

DD has had a quilt request in here at Bell Creek Quilts for about two years now. She found a pink poodle applique that she wanted me to design a quilt/wall hanging. It finally appeared on the Spring 2010 *To Sew* List (as DD poodle).

I procrastinated making this quilt~obviously~ because there were a few quilting techniques involved that kinda *scared* me.

1. the *A* word...I'm a fuse and raggy edge type applique girl
2. I would need to make it a medallion style quilt~with borders that fit right and everything! gasp! breathe...
3. It would need free motion quilting. No way would Valerie's hopping foot go over the poodle. unless I started messin' with her settings...gasp! breathe...

I finally decided that I would put my *demons* to rest and just *suck it up* and make this quilt~how painful can it be, right? Well, as DD and I were discussing this quilt/wall hanging she casually mentioned that maybe she doesn't WANT that quilt any more! What?!
After all, I waited sooooo long that she has exited her *pink phase* and the pink poodle just isn't what she wants right now. cool.

Can you all hear me *sigh with relief*?! Two reasons for this:

1. I really didn't want to make it and
2. The pink poodle applique is lost in the sewing room!

Instead she asked for a music sampler BQ2.

Check: I can DO that!

pattern source: BQ2 from Maple Island Quilts
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Anonymous said...

wow~you are cruising through your list :)