Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Happenings

Friday I went to lunch at Panera Bread with Karen from Karen Chronicles. Thanks Karen for making time in your busy schedule to catch up! If you ever get a chance to meet an *online blogger friend*~do it! You will not be disappointed!

Blogger friends are the greatest :)

Since I was halfway to JAF, I decided to check out their blue section. I am on the hunt for Carolina Blue~one to *go with* my Milwaukee Admiral shirts. No luck finding the Carolina blue but I did come away with a darker blue with little flecks of green that I thought would work in my *Memories of Texas* T*shirt quilt I want to make.

That's it. No quilting today as I promised DD we would shop for *things* needed for her Washington DC trip skate! We had our first lesson Thursday night and she is excited to practice *marching, gliding, swizzling and stopping*. me, too...maybe. :)
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Karen said...

Very nice looking fabric in my favorite color : )