Friday, June 25, 2010

Texas T*Shirt

The Texas T*Shirt quilt.

I wish that I would have arranged the t*shirts a little differently but overall, I like it.

It seems when the motif is a heavier plastic-y type design then I get more of a *push* with the fabric while quilting. So some of the t*shirts appear bunch-y while others are laying somewhat flat. I originally thought the effect was due to the lightweight interfacing I used and the fact that some of the motifs have been fused for about 4 years but some of the motifs I just fused behaved the same way. I suppose one way to avoid this is to have a quilting pattern with no *back track*.

Pattern source: Linda J's Sorta T*Shirt Tutorial
(I used her math method to figure out the vertical spacing of the motifs)

Panto source: Inkblot from Willow Leaf Studio
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Karen said...

It looks great Pat. And I love your new blog template!

Karen said...

The quilt looks great, Pat!

And I love your new blog template.

I'mm considering clearing a path in the sewing room today to get some piecing done. I think it might happen!

Judy S. said...

You are amazingly productive, Pat. That's a really cute bag you the colors.