Thursday, June 3, 2010

The *Goods*

I scored at the Milwaukee Admirals Equipment/Garage Sale!

While $500 for a game worn jersey was a bit too much for me to spend, I did find some youth t*shirts that I can chop up for a quilt. Three were $5.00/each and two were $4.00/each. I also purchased a Chris Mason bobblehead for 5 bucks to round out my collection.

Poor DD, the game worn jersey she wanted was sold as well as the white helmet as well as the signed nameplate. :( I offered for her to pick the lunch spot but as we drove into the parking lot, there was a sign in the window stating that it had gone out of business. We then went to Target where she was looking for a particular thing for her Ipod~you guess it, sold out. We then went to WalMart*~and also sold out :( poor DD...she missed school today and had a terrible outing.... :(

Here's crossing our fingers that our skating lesson goes okay tonight :)

It can only get better, right?!
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Karen said...

Great score on the Admirals merchandise! My dh once won "Chuck-A-Puck" and got a great package, with an official jersey being part of the win!

Stephanie D. said...

Poor DD--hope the skating lesson went well. Maybe she'll score at a different garage sale.