Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michigan State T*Shirt Quilt

I finished the binding in the weee hours of the morning! :)

I sewed quite a bit of the binding back while watching Game 5 of the Calder Cup Finals on the NHL Channel. The NHL Channel is a bit of an extravagance for us~but I have really enjoyed watching the hockey games this past season and now they are broadcasting the end of the AHL season. Oh how I wish my Milwaukee Admirals were in the finals~it would be so cool to *see* them on national tv. :)

This quilt is a rather large and fills up the family room. ummm...try to ignore the *stuff* that hangs out in my family room.

A close-up of two of the blocks.

pattern source: LindaJ's Sorta T*Shirt Tutorial
panto source: Inkblot from Willow Leaf Studio

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Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

The quilt turned out great, considering it's Spartans and not Badgers! ;0)

Mama Spark said...

I LOVE how this turned out! Too bad Kevin ended up liking it b/c I know of another Spartan that would have been thrilled to own it too. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Linda_J said...

Well done, Pat, on another finish!

No wonder we haven't seen you online yet today. Burning the midnight oil watching the hockey games and stitching. Plus judging from newest post, shopping a bit.

Enjoy your stay-cation.

Donna said...

GO STATE! As a fellow t-shirt quilter, and a SPARTAN, I love it!
Good work.

Kristy K said...

I would love to start quilting, and was just getting some idea obviously you have been doing this awhile...It is just beautiful very well done...thanks for sharing it!!