Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Addition to the Stash

+10 yards. yikes.

it adds up faster than I can use it!

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Maureen said...


I love that map fabric. I had a panel of it at one point. I think I cut mine up for an alphabet quilt. I know I used the rest for something else but I can't remember what - should have been keeping that quilt journal!

Linda_J said...

That looks a whole lot like some that my friend Joy had. When she passed away there were like 5 quilts prepped with this and the world map all layered and ready for us to quilt. Since I don't have your nice pantos and do not free motion, I sorta went around the states SID which was far easier in the west than the east, LOL.

It will be interesting to see what you plan to do with 10 yards of it!

Sweet P said...

I have that map fabric. I have a plan for it, just have to execute the plan.