Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Fleece Headband

Craig, our sub ice skating teacher, wanted to know where HIS headband was last week.

So this week~I made this. The only directions were *no vomit colors*! DD and I had about a 30 minute *discussion* on what exactly ARE vomit colors...exciting, right? well, she's 11 and is interested in those types of discussions. lol

Our concluson?

Depends on what you have JUST EATEN. :(

EDIT: I made the headband about 2 inches too big. Looks like there will be some un-knotting and re-sewing.

For those who are interested: DD and I passed Adult 1 skate. We signed up for Adult 2 skate which should definitely push my comfort zone. Although I passed it was kinda hollow victory as I fell last night landing on my butt and whacking my head. I swear the bump on my head is the size of Texas but DD assures me that it is only pea-sized. :)


Lori said...

Pat--be careful! We don't bounce as well as we used to!

Silverthimble said...

Sorry to hear about the bump. Congrats on passing though!

Judy S. said...

Hope your bump is getting better, Pat! I would guess you chose a very safe color.....