Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sent Gifts Have Arrived!

In April, DD and I went to Dallas/Fort Worth and stayed with our friends Maureen and Alan. We flew home on Monday and the following Thursday, Maureen and Alan started their Beaches and Biltmore trip of 12 weeks. Crafts on Cumberland blog and Airstream Adventures blog.

I followed their travel blog (Airstream Adventures) anxiously awaiting news of when they would return home! I then timed the package so that it would be waiting for them at their local post office~but not too long. :)

Maureen's hobbies include quilting, stamping and traveling in their Airstream trailer. Alan's hobbies include cooking, baking (yes~there is a difference!) and traveling in their Airstream trailer.

Look at what DD and I put together. First for Maureen, a Stampin' Up! stamp scrubber pad~a must have for a serious stamper :) and this wonderful travel trailer fabric that even has Airstream like trailers that I found while trollin' the web (www.fabricshack.com). For Alan, a three pack of Ethnic Milwaukee spices from Penzey's Spices for him to experiment with!

Thanks again guys for letting DD and I spend our Spring Break 2010 with you! :)
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Anonymous said...

Cool fabric for an Airstream person!


Linda_J said...

How thoughtful of you, Pat! Perfect gifts for your two pals. The fabric is very appropriate for their love of airstream travel--cute stuff!