Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stash Report Week #33

I had one finish but added more fabric than I used this past week.

Fabric added this week: +16 yards (here and here)
Fabric added this year: +195.5 yards

Fabric used this week: -7 yards
Fabric used this year: -265.5 yards

Net fabric for the year: -70 yards

What I accomplished this week:

Goals for next week:

  • continue working on Animal 4-Patch


Charlene S said...

Wow! Your numbers are impressive. You are one of my stash busting heroes.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

You're still in the black and using fabric, and that's a good thing!

Linda_J said...

I thought you might have a design wall Monday project but maybe not if you have been quilting. And a busy girl with other stuff!

I have a design "bed" and you KNOW what I'm working on.