Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Wedding Day!

My niece is getting married today! While we weren't able to attend the wedding our thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with her and her husband on this special day! :)

The Christmas Tree Skirt
pattern: Fruitcake Under My Tree

panto: popcorn by Willow Leaf Studio

The label
I offset the label and included a Santa from the front and the backing is the stripe I recently added to the stash.

The Ornament
Christopher Radko Snowman

The Card
Idea and bow by DD


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Nancy said...

what a great gift idea!!

Maureen said...

Tell DD I loved the card! The black made it really pop and the layout was terrific!


P.S. The Christmas Tree was wonderful, too!

Linda_J said...

Very nice! The stripe works well for the backing and the thread is a good match for it too. Hurray for bogus binding. Is that another thing you can cross off the quilting bucket list?

It appears that DD shares your artistic skills.