Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day

How I spent National Quilting Day:

1. I made more hockey lace bracelets. The fans at the Bradley Center just can't seem to buy enough of these! For $1.00 each~they are the cheapest thing going at the Booster Crew table.

2. I quilted a neonatal donation quilt.

Yep...35 x 35 and I probably spent more time with getting it ready than actually quilting it. :)

3. The Angel Wings pattern from Willow Leaf Studio shows on the back more. Unfortunately, the long arm oil spotted the back in one place and I will need to research how to remove it.

4. I loaded the Stars Sampler. I'm thinking yellow or maybe the light blue thread.

A pretty full day then we went to the Milwaukee Admirals game, watch the boys lose the the Lake Erie Monsters and a Huey Lewis and the News concert. What a fun day and today~I'm dragging. :)

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Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Gee, you've been a busy bee. Those bracelets are cute, of course everyone would want one!

And Huey Lewis & the News! Cool!

Linda_J said...

Busy, busy girl! No wonder we didn't see you chatting this weekend.

Good going on all your projects, Pat!

Hope Huey put on a good concert for you. I heard him sing a tune for me on the MP3 player this morning---Heart of Rock n Roll, if I remember correctly.