Saturday, March 19, 2011

Star UFO Update

This player from the Milwaukee Admirals told me that his favorite color combination is blue and yellow. It makes a lot of sense as he is from this country. :)

Well, I kept wanting to make yellow stars on a blue background for this quilt. More traditional, if you know what I mean. As I looked at more and more star patterns, I remembered I had started a star sampler about 7 years ago. I put it away from some reason~frustration maybe? I pulled it out and I had 9 yellow stars on various blue backgrounds. I made 3 more uneven (were suppose to be wonky but didn't quite *wonk out*) then dug into the yellows for sashing and borders. Not enough for both and since I didn't want to buy~I just sorta cobbled it together. I also had 29 inches left of a blue/yellow print that I used in the outer border.

I learned a few things from this UFO.

1. Put away fabric with it if you ever plan to finish it!
2. I am not so worried about perfection in my piecing as I was 7 years ago!
3. Better pieced into a top rather than pieces in a pizza box! lol

Check out the one point on this friendship star! yikes.
I know I have a tri-recs ruler somewhere. Here is the block that proves it and look at these points! Just chopped off a little, right?!
What was I thinking here?! Don' answer! I don't want to know!

Once I seam the backing, it will get quilted and bound. It finishes at 50 x 63, the minimum for a Quilt of Valor, I believe.

Someone, somewhere will be covered and warmed with this quilt. :)

Out of the box and into some one's arms. :)


Anonymous said...

good for you for puling out an UFO!


Anonymous said...

I meant *pulling* :)


JoAnne said...

Beautiful, Pat! I like it! We're up to 80+ degrees this week - love it. Wish it would last and not turn into 100 too soon.

Unknown said...

I always love blue and yellow quilts,

Greenmare said...

someone, somewhere will be THRILLED with this beautiful quilt!!!!

Linda C said...

Hurray for a finish. I agree---better that it see the light of day rather than the interior of a pizza box. You don't want to leave it for your family to saysay "what was she thinking!?"

Blue and yellow, such a classic combo.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

OK, did I miss something? How do you get access to all of these players to ask them what their favorite colors are and make them their own quilt? What a great way to use up that stash!