Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Peek into my Mind

A Very Scary Place, Indeed!

Amy asked about the quilts I have been making centered around the Milwaukee Admirals' players. Let me try and answer her question here...

Last summer while blog hopping I found Margaret's Hope Chest. Carin and Carol's ministry to prison inmates' children struck a cord with me, so I decided to make a couple quilts to donate last fall. While reading their blog, they mentioned that boy quilts were needed. So...I have about 3 or 4 *go to* patterns that I make for donation. Those are the ones I donated last fall. While emailing with Carol, I asked what type of quilts they were looking for. Her reply was *any and all* would be very appreciated but boyish quilts are always in short supply.

At approximately the same time (October 2010), the family was at the Milwaukee Admirals hockey game where the players were wearing their *Hunt For Pink October* auction jerseys. DD and I were joking that they probably didn't really like the pink and wondered what colors they like. Now my DH and DS are pretty tired of me asking them quilting questions all the time~not really~just seems that way to them.
Sooooo...I thought where would I be able to poll a large group of guys, find out their color preferences and make donation quilts based on the guys' answers?!
See where I'm heading here?

The Admirals are a very family and fan oriented team. Every few games, they have an Autograph Corner (after the game) where fans are able to *meet and greet* two players. It is mostly at these *meet and greet*s that DD and I received players' autographs and I asked about color preferences. I kept a list and have been looking for patterns to go along with color choices of the Milwaukee Admirals. Since most of the front office I deal with is also male, I included those guys on my list, too. Last night I even asked the mascot, Roscoe what colors he liked. :)

The two players pictured here are Jeremy Smith (no hat) and Aaron Johnson (with the hat). BTW, they both like black, blue and white together. Most of the guys said this color combination as they are the colors of the Admirals' uniforms. :)

I wanted to make boy friendly donation quilts so I asked the *boys* about colors they liked. The most popular combination was black, blue and white, followed by black and blue, then green and blue, blue and orange then blue only. A few were very original and surprised me. One like red and black, another green and orange, another black and grey. Andreas was predictable. His colors are blue and yellow, the colors of the Swedish flag, his home. Another surprise was that no one liked red and white as a combination. We have many players who are native Canadians and one very famous (in the the hockey world) University of Wisconsin Badger graduate.

When I reference back to a player~the quilt is inspired by that player but will be a donation quilt. Most likely to Margaret's Hope Chest or to Alycia's No Soldier Forgotten quilt drive. I am already thinking ahead to next year's donations. What about a series of donation quilts based on favorite animals?! lol

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Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

NOW I understand. That's a very cool story. What a wonderful thing you're doing!