Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Have Been Up To...

DD (age 11 almost 12) and I have been working in her playroom and bedroom, clearing out what she has outgrown, either she doesn't play with the toys anymore or doesn't wear the clothes anymore.

So far, here is the donation collection.

And this, unfortunately is the landfill pile.

That box store now has fabric at 50% off. Yikes! +12 yards. enough said.

I did manage to go through some of the scraps and separate into boy or girl but I still have more in bags that will work for either quilt. I see many quilts contained in the scrap bins! :)

That's all as far as the Spring Break has been going. Dentist appointment later today and more *sorting* of DD's stuff. I wonder just *how* did she accumulate so much in 12 short years?!


Alycia said...

That is an impressive pile of bags!!

Stephanie D. said...

Her room is going to seem much larger now, isn't it? Or is it like mine, hidden away and crammed in and will only look "normal" instead of larger? lol

Pam said...


Less Is More!

Way to go Michelle and Mom!

Linda_J said...

You two have been very busy by the looks of the bags stacking up!

I know when my house got cleaned out and cleared the most was when I was moving somewhere, whether it was across town or clear out of state. BUT y'all have lived a few other spots while DD has been growing up. She was not ready to get rid of her toys and what not. Your girl is growing up!