Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whew! It's Done!

The Milwaukee Admirals finished the regular season on Sunday, April 10, 2011. Andreas' scrapbook is also finished and ready to be turned in! yeah!

His scrapbook is about 4 inches thick and includes 40 home games, 1 way game, 39 away game summaries, monthly schedules, 2 appearance pages and 1 'Thank You' page! DD and I had a fun time attending the games then scrap booking together. We actually have more to scrap book on this season but simply ran out of room. :)

The scrap book out grew the first album so we had to buy a bigger album. of course, that meant I felt the need to sew a second cover as the first cover didn't fit the second album. Into the yellow scraps I went and here is my take on the Swedish Flag.

DD first page of Andreas' scrapbook.

I'm going to miss the scrap book... :(

but I know Andreas' Mom will appreciate it more... :)

DH suggested that I ask for visitation rights but this scrap book is going to Sweden to live.

ummm...might be a nice vacation to visit it! :)

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Linda_J said...

You and DD have put a lot of time and effort into this scrapbook project. And it shows! Good for you two and good for Andreas and his mom who could not be there to see him play like you and DD have.