Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've been seeing Brick quilts over blogland and have been fascinated by them. I always thought they looked cool and when I hunted a tutorial, the tutorial usually began with cut a gazillion bricks x by x. My eyes would glaze over and I would think, 'So Not Happening!'

Imagine my delight when my friend LindaJ posted this quilt on her blog as 'Staggered Bricks'. Linda also posted this clue to the construction of the Staggered Bricks~you need to scroll down to where she talks about her Mom. :)

A quick chat with Linda, (Thanks!) proved I was on the right path to make this quilt with strip piecing.

So I decided to cut into my Oconomowoc Quilt Challenge fabric~it's the green~ and attempt a Staggered Bricks quilt. My quilt was suppose to be approximately 36 x 36...Challenge Rules...but before the border it was like 34 x 28 (huh?) A miscalculation on my part so I took off two vertical rows to make it 28 x 28 before borders. Sew up a 4 inch border and ta-da!

My first attempt at a Staggered Bricks quilt. I'm loving the construction of this even if I am not too crazy about the fabric placement. Wait till you see the back~let's just say that I had another 'oops' in the cutting zone and it was a good thing that I had the extra from the front because now it is a part of the back! This Challenge quilt isn't due until October's meeting but it sure does feel good to have it all pieced and waiting for quilting!

Thanks Linda for heading me down the Staggered Bricks path! I definitely *see* more of this quit in my future. :)


Linda_J said...

I love it! I know you said you had an "oops" along the way that added another wrinkle to the process but it looks like you have it figured out. Your followup one will be a breeze now that you tried it.

I had a little detour with mine as well but it was because I changed my mind about the color sequencing in the middle of the deal.

This won't take you long at all to prep to turn in! Hurray for being ahead of the curve.

Judy S. said...

Interesting quilt, Pat. I just love the pillowcase fabric; I've not seen anything like it.