Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 Quilts for Kids~Part 2

I finished the Construction Staggered Bricks which I will link to the next 100 Quilts for Kids Linky Party in mid October over at Kate's Swim, Bike, Quilt blog. I just missed the deadline for the first Linky Party.

Thanks to my friend, LindaJ for helping with this pattern.  It really is easy breezy and goes together fast!  I love the staggered bricks look! :)

The Inkblot quilting.

I found this fun backing for it with all sorts of street signs in the stash.

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Linda_J said...

The street sign backing is a perfect idea for a truck and construction vehicles quilt!

Glad you are finding the pattern one that you can do fairly quickly using a variety of colors and focus fabrics. It would interesting to see what you would come up with for a girl although I know you said she needs boy quilts. Easy for a girl to do a girls, I guess.