Thursday, October 27, 2011


...I'm not sure what DAY it is!  Does that ever happen to you?!  Way too often, maybe?!

I made a few really cute Halloween cards~I'd show you a picture but I, er, mailed them without a glamour shot.  :(

I made a few Thank You cards for the FAB's.  Er, they got mailed without a glamour shot, too.  :(

I made another Thank You for Great Grandma. 

Here is it's glamour shot.  :)

I did shop.  More blues and w.o.w.'s.

+6 yards.

DD hurt her Achilles tendon about 10 days ago. It was still hurting so it was a trip to the orthopedic doctor today.  She came away with a boot and a *no gym* note good until November 14th!  Let's hope her soft tissue injury heals by then!

Daisy dog has been holding her left front paw off the ground and not putting any weight on it.  Since it is her 6 month *old lady* check up we went to the vet today, too.  Diagnosis~soft tissue injury...just like DD!  She came away with a *no gym* note good until November 7th and potty on a leash.  We normally just let her wander around the yard to *find a spot* but since we have wild animals close~the doctor doesn't want her chasing the deer, rabbits or squirrels and re-injure her leg.  No boot for Daisy Dog.  :)

Hopefully some sewing will be happening in the new future.  :) 

That's my story and I am sticking to it! :)

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Linda_J said...

Isn't that something that DD and Daisy Dog (also DD) are suffering from the same type of injury?! I hope they both come out of this okay resting the affected part so the area can heal up.

I think I will see one of your pretty cards soon since I am a FAB but you do such a good job on these! Nice to have another creative outlet.