Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Son!

About two weeks late as DS's Birthday was January 2nd!  But he has been wanting a bag that he can sling over one shoulder.  We compromised~he wanted silk~I didn't want to make it with silk...I used an old t*shirt of  January must be t*shirt month for me.  :)

First~can you spot what is wrong in this picture?!

How about this close-up? 

Right!  The zippers are going opposite ways!

Here the pockets are sewn into the back of the bag.

Second~here is the finished bag! 

Well...I think we are going to need to tweak the string a bit to get it to work!  Right about now~I'm really glad I had sewn in loops on either side as I like the sling over the right shoulder and DS?

Well~he's a left shoulder guy.  :)


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