Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have been quilting a few of the smaller pieces that need to be done.

But really?  running a little short once!

but twice?!  I moved into the sewing room where I have plenty of fabric!  lol   I've been trying to use up my batting bits.

(sorry, Pam~no Wisconsin air~for now)...

Here is the first project:  it will become a bag for transporting the Roscoe Donation Quilt.

panto:  Inkblot

This second project belongs to a friend of mine.  She won it at the guild raffle in November 2011 and I said that I would quilt it for her.  I used the continuous Baptist Fans panto as I need practice with it.  After this little project~I can definitely use more practice....but the price is right for my friend~free~even if the tension is a little wonky on the back....


Linda_J said...

Looks good from here! Baptist Fans---classic!

Pam said...

I'm off on another tangent (ie quilting slump) right now so not in need of Wisconsin Air at the moment...but it sure is nice to have when I do need it. you are so busy! I am so lazy!