Saturday, February 4, 2012

Norma's Birthday~FAB Style

Norma's birthday was US Thanksgiving, November 24th.  Since I was out of town that weekend then the holidays came (and went!), we finally decided on today, February 4th to celebrate together with all the FAB's~Norma~the birthday girl~,Pam, Linda, Cher and me! 

I was originally going to make *a little something* with roosters as Norma just LOVES roosters but DD persuaded me to make *a little something* with ladybugs instead. 

So here is what I did~afterwards I got to thinking these placemats might just be the *dieters* version because one just might *lose their appetite* when eating with a bunch of jarred ladybugs!  lol 

I photographed the placemats individually so you would be able to *see* the ladybugs!

placemat A
placemat B
placemat C
placemat D

One of the labels I put on the placemats.

I had also made the other FAB's a waterbottle cover for a birthday gift.

Here is Norma's!  no surprise!  More ladybugs! I also sent along a ladybug card but I have no idea where the picture of that went off


Norma has chosen the Atkinson Designs Popsicle Sticks as our sewing pattern today.  Stay tuned for a sewing update later in the day...


Linda_J said...

How clever with the lady bug theme! I don't think there is an ick factor at all for the cheery fabrics you chose for the placemats!

It will go really well with her lady bug Jelly Roll 1600 that we did!

Well done, Pat!

Anonymous said...

I have to say "Yes" to the lady bugs Did you know that Norma liked Lady bugs too?

Pat said...

@Mayvis....Michelle did! :)

Silverthimble said...

The lady bugs were perfect! I love them! Someone was really paying attention--thanks Michelle! VBG