Sunday, February 5, 2012

Popsicle Update

A little late but here is my update on the Birthday Party sewing.  I had to take DD to a party at 3:30 pm yesterday. So when my day ended I had sewn all my strata together and were cut into the blocks.  I had planned on sewing last night but when I sat down, yep!  I napped.  Once while watching the news and the other while watching hockey.  I reminded myself of my Dad~he used to come home from work, drink his cocktails, eat dinner, nap then go to bed!  A happy memory for me!

This morning I thought I would sew a few blocks together.  Then I thought, I'll just sew until the bobbin runs out. The bobbin ran out and I had two blocks to go so yes, I went ahead and sewed the last two blocks together.  :)

I think this time~I have the *HOT MESS*!  agreed?


Linda_J said...

It looks fine, Pat! It may have been better with an infusion of a bit more variety of the prints but hey, it is a donation and an experiment, really.

Proves you can get by with a jelly roll and few extra stash strips and be. I know Norma and I saw one done up in blues that turned out to be very pretty so it could be yardage from your stash would produce a more desired effect?

I still say my Jelly Roll 1600 wins the hot mess award---sorry, LOL!

Pam said...

NO NO ... NOT a Hot Mess...this is wonderful! I really like it! Good job FAB Pal!


Silverthimble said...

I agree with Pam, not a "Hot Mess"! You do crack me up though!