Friday, February 3, 2012

UFO #1 is... CUB BEE Row Exchange!  It's been marinating for over 5 years now!

I remember that Paula made the bunnies, Patty made the flowers, Karen made the flags, Maureen made the apples, Elizabeth made the watermelons~maybe~and I made the sailboats.  I'll need to look back into my Bear Creek file and *see* who made the other rows....unless, YOU made one for me and remember from 5 years ago!

My friend Maureen, sewed the apple rows as a *Thank You* when she visited about 2 summers ago and also sent along the pattern (and seeds!) if I wanted to make the other 4 rows to complete the quilt!  Only 7 of us in the bee originally exchanged rows, prior to my move to Wisconsin...

The $64,000 question is: do I make the other 4 rows for a quilt or do I do *something* different?! 

I think this is WHY it is has been a UFO~I can't decide what to do!



Linda_J said...

This is adorable, Pat!

I would wonder what widths these 6 rows measure now. You have left space were some spacer rows would go so you have a fair idea if you feel this would be long enough for your purposes if you just sashed and bordered it.

If you were going to donate it somewhere they you probably don't need it to fit a full sized bed, etc. Maybe it is long enough sashed and bordered. You can always take a few blocks off the width if you want to adjust it.

If you ARE keeping it as a remembrance of your Bear Creek pals, then perhaps you should add 4 more rows and have all the season represented.

Having said all that, it really is up to you. Take my opinion for what it is worth---mine, LOL

I have a donation QOV type one that I plan to finish up. I had a plan last time I had it out to look at it---if I can remember what that was! I do plan on it being one of the tops that I donate for the veteran's home as the bulk of the work is already done.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I deprends on the size you want. If it is big enough now to be a 'baby' quilt, I'd call it done. Done is good!