Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The nightmare, errr,  saga continues.

I finished piecing the blocks together and now the mystery is a flimsy!  yea!  I think this needs a border or two to try and tame the bias' that are all pulled out of formation...right now it is mesuring 46 x 69...

and I am still NOT seeing stars....     :(  

My next project will be squares and rectangles!!!!


NeverBored said...

I see the stars. They're formed by your print fabric. Anita Grossman Solomon recommends taming bias edges with fusible interfacing strips. She uses the same product that's used to fuse batting pieces together, but you can also cut your own strips from regular fusible interfacing. She's got a video on her website in case you're interested. Goog job Pat, you get a gold star for trying things that you're not comfortable with and for persevering!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I see the stars too! That is a wonderful top! Looks great!

Linda_J said...

I see the stars as well but you know, it might be one of those things like looking at the batman symbol. Some see the bat while others see a tongue hanging out because of how we fool the eye.

Good on you for hanging in there on this one. I felt for you with the description of the sewing elements you used.

Help me out here---what is the name of that 3 color QOV you have made that is a 9 patch variation arranged in a barn raising set. Looking for my pal Teresa as an example of that set. Mind drawing a big blank!