Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring 2012 *T0 SEW* List

In no particular order, my newest *sewing* wish list.

  1. bed!
  2. Mr. Hezzie
  3. Hockey Paul
  4. Fishie
  5. grocery bags
  6. Cher's Challenge
  7. Admirals' flag
  8. Placemats: Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August, Sept.
  1. cub pals' 
  2. red work
  3. quilt expo kit 2011
  4. quilt #3
  5. blue ridge beauty
  6. quilt #5
  7. virginia bound
  8. quilt #7
  9. blue wicked easy
  10. quilt #9
I got behind on my UFO challenge so this quarter I am going to concentrate on my personal projects.  First though, I have two more promise quilts to make!  you might notice that I am behind on my placemat making...I knew I was behind when my daughter wanted to know *where are the new placemats?!  The last ones were the Christmas ones!  and here, I thought the family never noticed.  Perhaps they notice but don't say anything!  :) 

I have completed one UFO so I added another to the list...if a number comes up that is a *quilt*~I will simply piece the UFO that I was suppose to quilt as a swap.  fair enough?

Off to the sewing room, hopefully after dinner tonight!

1 comment:

Linda C said...

I am glad to see that bed quilt for YOU at the top of the list. I hope it IS given a priority spot.

You do so much for others and you deserve a new quilt for you!