Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The sum total of my creativity for the last 5 days~

4 flannel pillowcases!  My 21 year old son asked for a few flannel pillowcases.  I was searching for age appropriate fabric but kept coming up empty.  I finally decided to make a few retro pillowcases for him.  As a young boy, he loved dinosaurs, lizards and green!  I also tossed in a little blue....

If you find *my motivation*, please send her home~I'm missing her!  :(

pattern source: McCall's Quick Quilts pillow case

(I skip the accent part :))

1 comment:

Linda_J said...

Maybe it is just time for a break, Pat? Nothing wrong with taking some time off but when you think about your list of things to do it just gets overwhelming. Or you feel guilty? I know how MY mind works when I waste too much time on the computer and a whole day goes by. Most of the time I tell my mind to just HUSH! LOL