Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Meeting Show and Tell

Last month, another Pat shared her tie purse pattern complete with a demonstration and sewing afternoon.  I was unable to stay for the sewing and kept meaning to get to making my purse.  I know when I share a pattern or shortcut or anything~I am always happy when other members actually *do* what I have shared.  So this week~I also worked on my Pat Tie Purse~done in time for Show and Tell.

Here it is~warts and all.  I am positive that I made a few mistakes along the way and I'm hoping Pat can put me on the right track when I make my next one. I already have the tie picked out!  I actually forgot to take a *before* picture.  :)

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Linda_J said...

That is so cute, Pat! I love your fabrics. Good to get suggestions or ideas of how they might do or DID do things differently.

When I saw the two gals that had made my latest purse before me, one showed me the way she had covered cinching up the interior and I may do that on my next one! Take advantage of those resource people