Friday, May 18, 2012

DD's Gifts to a Friend

DD has another birthday party this weekend!  So we went to JoAnn Fabrics where she picked out another set of coordinating fleece.  She cut and I helped tie.  We are getting faster~this one took only 90 minutes from start to finish!  We shaved 30 minutes off our time from the first one.  I think the tie fleece blankets are becoming DD's *go to* gift this birthday season. 

And she requested a Sock Bunny for the birthday friend.  So CUTE!!!!  I just LOVE these bunnies!  :)

sock bunny tutorial:  Lil Blue Boo

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Anonymous said...

another cutie bunny!
Great choices on the fleece too. So nice your DD sees the benefit of a handcrafted gift!

Kat said...

Love the bunny! :-)

Such a great project to do with your DD. Those are the best kind! I'm sure her friend will love it.

Linda C said...

That is a really cute print on the fleece!

Love those bunnies so no wonder DD wanted one to go with her gift.

Sue Daurio said...

that is some fabulous fleece! And those bunnies, just love them.

Sarah Craig said...

What a great gift - I love the tied fleece blankets, and that bunny is just too cute! Whoop whoop!!