Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stash Update

Well, it's been awhile since I did a stash update!  Last update was on July 29, 2012...  So I thought I would summarize the past 6 weeks...k?

Fabric added since July....I estimate at 26 yards.  sounds good? good.

What I have done with stash since July...

*Froggy Rails                                6.5    yards
*Barnyard                                      3.5    yards
*Olivia                                           6.0    yards
*Race Track                                   5.0   yards
  (back, inner border and binding)
*Country Lanes-Golfers                9.5   yards
*donated backs                              5.0   yards

total                                              36.5   yards

Here we go:

fabric added since last report:       +26.0   yards
fabric added this year:                +162.5   yards

fabric used since last report:        - 36.5   yards
fabric used this year:                  - 209.0  yards

net fabric for the year:               -  46.5   yards

Goals for next week:

*finish last donation quilt
*start on personal projects!

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Cher said...

your top came out great! some child is going to love it..I am sure with an all over quilting pattern the top will come out looking your usual wonderful quilted quilt. Nice job on the stash reduction!