Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

My friend, Norma once told me that if there is a lot of excess fabric in a quilt top then try not to backtrack when quilting will help to minimize the puckers that might be sewn into the top.  Thanks, Norma for this tip!

So~I did free hand wavy lines.  I was aiming for 2 finger widths apart on the waves but I wasn't too successful.  Your eyes do not deceive you...this quilt will never lay flat and I hope it will never have to!  It should be a *drag around* for some wonderful child here in Wisconsin.  I was hoping to wash it before giving it to the Charity Quilt coordinator but I have a whole passel of my family laundry to do.  :(  

All in all, done is done and iiwii.  :)

ps...I just realized that I took the picture sideways!  oh quilt holder is at school getting an edumacation!


Nancy said...

Nice finish! A child is going to treasure this quilt and will not care if it doesn't lay flat.

Linda J said...

All things considered, Pat, you did the best that you could! The colors are cheerful and it will be the best quilt that child may ever have. It is not going to be hanging in a quilt show or on a wall where flat matters. Hooray for a finish!