Monday, June 2, 2014

My Next Project...

...I'm still playing in the Novelty squares bin!

This time I decided to sew rainbow borders on the squares then tilt them.

As you can see, my tilting is a little wonky! LOL

I'm having trouble figuring out which to tilt the 9.5 inch ruler to get which tilt. I did *frog* one of the reds to re-do it but I ended up with that same *wrong* tilt ~ so...I am just leaving them as is. My tilts are just wonky and random! like I planned it that way.  :)

I was thrilled when the yellow row tilted nicely until I realized that I sewed the bottom row if the first two squares on with the wrong side out...*sigh*...that also remains in.  :)

pattern source:  no *real* pattern. I simply framed the 6.5 inch novelty squares with 2.5 inch border (or frame) then place a tilted 9.5 inch ruler on the block and cut.

(note to self:  to have left hand higher then ruler must run downhill left)

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