Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday WOW! 6.25.2014

I finished up the binding (WOW!) on the Staggered Novelties. Ummm...I need to think up a new name - that just sounds *wrong*! I waited until the weather cleared to snap a photo on the swing set. Wonder if I'll be trucking down to the swing set come snow time to take pictures of the quilts? Time will tell...

I quilted it with the Dazzle panto from Lorien Quilting. I figured out that this piece of Batman fabric is about 15 years old! I had made DS a laminated pouch that long ago and this little bit was left!

The back is a mixture of fabrics left over from other quilt backs. And what was leftover from this back - was used in the binding! Definitely a *what was she thinking moment* when the *Forever Owner* first sees the binding. :)

I decided to swap out the darks in the middle for the lights on the edges in the Novelty Trip Around the World.

I like it!

I also started to sew it together. (WOW!)

That's it - my WOW on this Wednesday!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

If you are not quite comfortable with "Staggered Novelties" you could possibly try "Offset Novelties". Just a does describe the pattern and this one looks great too.

Nancy said...

What about "Balancing Act" ?