Friday, June 20, 2014

Whoop! Whoop! Friday 6.20.2014

Gosh...I've had a pretty productive week but have not been sharing on the blog.

Sorry, friends!

Here we go!

First One:

I finished the binding on this Stacked Novelty Coins. I'm not really liking it but am thinking a trip through the wash will crinkle it up more and then, poof!  It will be better.  :)

Here is the pieced back. I don't think I *see* another yellow-grey-white-black quilt in my future so I decided to use up leftovers I had from this quilt and this quilt.

Pattern source: stacked coins - public domain

Quilting source: free motion organic waves - public domain

Second One:

When I found the pile of fabric for the back of the above quilt, I found the inner portion of this quilt. I simply added two borders to bring it to approximately 50 x 60. I really like it so I may gift it to my niece who is expecting her first baby in August.  Funny side story about this quilt.  I was making it for a casual friend who was expecting last summer. I was really concerned as I wasn't sure of his religious affiliation, Noah's Ark and all. Turns out that he is Jewish and they had twins! A boy and a girl so this flimsy got buried on the work table. See the twin quilts: Mallory's here and William's here.

Third One:

Since I wasn't too excited about the Stacked Novelty Coins, I thought I would try an off-set version. I was so proud of my self for keeping track of which side to sew the spacer on then after I added the sashings, I had a *I COULDA HAD A V-8 MOMENT*! complete with slapping my head!

See it?!  Novelty-background-novelty-and on until the half background. geesh! so much easier, less fabric and less seams.

note to self:

try not to over complicate life


6.5 x 6.5, 5.5 x 6.5,  ... , 3.5 x 6.5 (first row then reverse order for second row)

Pattern source: unsure - perhaps public domain?

I quilted it with Dazzle from Lorien Quilting and it's ready to have the binding tacked down.

Whew!  Hope you made it to the end cuz there is lots to read!

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ps. Are you still with me?!  Did I tell you DD was away at Hockey Camp this week? *grin*


Shauna said...

like them all, but I think I like the offset coin quilt best, it seems to have more "motion" for the eye to follow.

Lynn White said...

Really like the stacked coins and the quilting on the grey looks great. Funny how the obvious takes a while to hit us sometimes. Lovely looking quilts altogether.