Friday, November 7, 2014

Whoop! Whoop! 11.7.2014

Well, it's been awhile!  :)

I finished a few things over the last two weeks but I waited to post…not a whole lot of sewing happening at Bell Creek Quilts.  I feel like I should call myself  'Bell Creek Shuttle Service' for all the driving of DD I have been doing lately.  But, I digress…

I finished a few 'things' for me. I know, whoop! whoop!

First I made the Tag-a-long Tote from Terry Atkinson, found here.  I made a few mistakes along the way but nothing too serious. All in all - I really like it a lot! Maybe even love!  I made the strap longer to accommodate my wider-ness (is that a polite way to phrase it?!) and so I could still sling it across my body even with the winter coat on.  I also added velcro to the inside to hold it closed and I omitted the front pocket.  Didn't have enough of the pink…yes! for reals.  :)

I also made a matching wonder wallet, found here. I was over due for one as my original was wearing thin on the corners and at the velcro.  This time I added the elastic like my FAB friend, Pam originated. :)

I also made a keychain lanyard out of matching material.  I know…nerd city! but hey, it's ME!

I also wrapped clothesline in a brown fabric while I had the brown thread in the machine. Technique is the same as the coiled bowls but only keep the growing piece flat, as described in this book.  I've been wanting brown for the kitchen table for November.  I use them as hot pads for the dishes on the table.

Nice, right? Just a little bit of sewing here and there.  :)

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Nancy said...

Great projects! I love the colors you used for the bag and wallet - very pretty.

I've been tempted to make a table mat like that but wondered if my machine could handle it. Did you use a denim weight needle?

Alycia said...

Look at you! That purse is adorable! and Wonder wallets - I love them! Great job.