Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day Guild Ugly Fabric Challenge

I gifted the Victorian Christmas fabric on the left. The funny thing is this: Kathy (who selected the fabric) has already made a quilt with the same fabric! I promised to quilt whatever she makes. I'm in the middle with the floral. I'm not sure who gifted the floral but...eewwww. and I only have just a yard to work with. Sue~on the right~didn't bring a fabric but when one was leftover she jumped right in to play along with the challenge. Our creations are due back at the June meeting. The only rule is that you must use at least a 1 x 5 piece that is recognizable on the front of your project.

Any ideas, anyone?!
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Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh, that's gonna be a tough one! I LIKE the victorian fabric, I had something similar and just used it all up! But yours, ummm, some thought is needed!

Greenmare said...

run for cover?

Linda C said...

That Victorian stuff isn't too bad actually. I bet Kathy already has an idea about what to do with hers--maybe a go with for her existing quilt.

Now yours---oh my. Fortunately you don't have to use a lot of it but then what will you do with the leftovers? It is too packed with flowers to consider a 4pp or something like that. Fussy cut some of the flower and applique it down on something else---maybe do a basket block and add some of the flowers to it? Then you could hang the resultant piece in your pieces of thyme come spring. Use the rest for backing and it will be moved on outta there.

Just a thought!