Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I put together this top while DS and I were referring to it as *Betsy Ross*, I think a more appropriate name would be *Remembrance*. I had purchased a yard of the 911 Flag and Commemorative Stamp fabric while at the fabric garage sale this past spring.

The pattern is *Frolicking Frogs* from Ursula Reikes' book: More Quilts for Baby. I made more blocks than the pattern called for so the finished size is about 54 x 74. I'm going to wait until next week to quilt it as I want to make the same pattern using basketball/red/white combination for a raffle donation quilt.

Bell Creek Quilts is part of the winter storm that is traveling across the US. Our snow total is about 10 inches with more snow expected throughout the day today. DH blew the snow last night and this morning. DS blew it once yesterday afternoon and is getting ready to blow it again~trying to keep the driveway clear! It is going to be a challenge once the winds kick up and the snow starts to blow all over. DD's school was cancelled today and she is at the neighbor's building some sort of snow structure! Thank Goodness the neighbor Dad is home and enjoys the snow. :)

Me? I'm an inside and Baby and Bella and Valerie. I hope to sew a little bit, stamp some Christmas cards and work on laundry. I already have dinner in the crockpot, so life is good! and warm inside the house,too. :)
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Silverthimble said...

This is another winner, Pat! I just love this quilt.

Great snow pictures! We are supposed to get snow by the weekend here. I can do without the white stuff, but we manage to get a bit every year anyway.

Stephanie D said...

I like the gray sashing. It's not the traditional r-w-b, but it's perfect!

Linda C said...

Well done, Pat! Hope you didn't lose power and such with the storm. Hard to keep up with that snow if it is falling that quickly and blowing to boot. I don't miss it a bit!